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Tabernacle: Protecting The Presence Of GodTabernacle: Protecting The Presence Of God

The presence of God is the single-most valuable possession of the Church. The engaging power of the Holy Spirit is God's endorsement of our worship and our message. For this reason, God's presence must be honored and protected.

Learn to minister to the Lord and welcome His presence by fulfilling the calling of His holy priesthood.






Confidence Shall Be Your StrengthConfidence Shall Be Your Strength!

Confidence is the outward appearance of an inward assurance of what we are certain about. That is the godly confidence that comes from trusting in Christ alone. You can glorify God by having His assurance, dignity, self-respect and godly purpose.

Find out why today's "self-esteem" teaching is not sound biblical advice. Instead of trusting in yourself, learn how you can build your life upon the Rock and receive the love and life that God has for you!




Seeing Behind The MaskSeeing Behind The Mask

Mystical, seductive, powerful...but deadly. That is the nature of supernatural spiritual evil. Yet it is also subtle. How will we know? Diane Ehrlich explains how you can use biblical guidlines to recognize and refuse spiritual deception that comes in the form of false teaching. Godly discernment is a life-saving gift that protects us from Satan's lies.

Learn how you can stay free from spiritual deception and step onto destiny's stage to perform the role that God has for you!




Taking The Limits Off Of GodTaking The Limits Off Of God!

Diane Ehrlich, founder of Reform Ministry, helps you discover ways that you may be limiting God's movement in your life.

In a topical Bible study, she shares convincing scriptural evidence that reforms and repentance in the Church are the keys to spiritual revival and change in our society.


Transforming The QueenTransforming The Queen

Diane Ehrlich tells how symptoms of depression brought her life to a standstill. She recovered only as she began to see the effects of sin as the real problem. The story of her healing is woven throughout this in-depth Bible study about personal repentance.

She advises women to take the time and courage to face sin issues that rob them of the vitality that is available through relationship with Jesus Christ.





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