In her books, author Diane Ehrlich tells how symptoms of depression brought her life to a standstill. She recovered only as she began to see how the deadening effects of sin had caused her problem. The story of her healing is woven throughout her in-depth Bible studies on the discipline of personal repentance.

She advises people to take the time and the courage to face sin issues that rob them of a vital relationship with God and challenges them to live higher by fully embracing Christ’s supreme rule. This is the basis for repentance ministry.

Diane is the founder and director of Reform Ministry which began in 1998. She is the author of several books that are featured on Amazon. She is a Bible teacher, disciple maker, intercessor and speaker. Her seminars focus on the benefits of personal repentance and utter confidence in God. She is an active member of St. Peter United Church of Christ in Seven Hills, Ohio.

Diane can be contacted for any questions.